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Should I buy a Cessna with Garmin G1000 Avionics if I have only flown “steam gauges?”
As of 2004, Cessna Aircraft only offers Garmin G1000 equipped Single Engine Cessna’s. (Glass cockpit) Tom’s Aircraft and Cessna understand buyer’s concerns when it comes to flying aircraft avionics they are not familiar with. This is why Cessna offers FREE G1000 training with the purchase of any new aircraft. This includes 8 hours of ground school and 3-5 hours of flight time in your new plane. We find that after this training our buyers are not only comfortable flying their aircraft but they are also amazed at how much more the G1000 can do compared to other systems they have flown with in the past. Tom’s also provides buyers with a list of flight schools that have G1000 instructors available to provide additional training if interested.

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